The founder of the first Swedish Pirate Party, Rick Falkvinge, is the only Swede on the Foreign Policy’s list of the world’s 100 greatest thinkers 2011. Falkvinge just made it at, as number 98, and he’s in good company surrounded by world leaders such as Barack Obama.

“The analysts at the Foreign Policy are very sensitive and they see how the pirate parties are spreading like wild fire around the world at the moment,” Falkvinge said about the listing. “There are pirate parties in over 50 countries. The Swedish Pirate Party was founded in January of 2006 and already at the end of the very first week, we had four sister parties.” When asked what the core belief in his ideology is, Falkvinge explained: “The Internet has given almost everyone a voice. That means those who used to have the privilege of describing reality has lost their power, and they weren’t aware of just how great a power that was, and they want it back. But now everyone has that power and that changes the balance in society. It’s a great change, comparable to that of the invention of the printing press or even with when the written language was introduced.”
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