According to the 2011 Global Gender Gap Report (released by the World Economic Forum), the best place to live if you’re a working woman is Iceland.
Iceland topped the list ranking 135 countries. Following Iceland was Norway, then Finland, then, as number four, Sweden. The report gets its rankings by measuring the gap between men and women in four key areas:
1. Economic participation and opportunity
2. Educational attainment
3. Health and Survival
4. Political empowerment.
All the 135 countries were assigned a numerical score between 0 (complete inequality) and 1 (complete equality). These scores were calculated by taking the average of 14 different ratios, each based on a specific indicator that falls under the heading of one of the four key areas. The indicators included the ratio of female to male literacy, the ratio of female pay to male pay for similar work, the ratio of female legislators and senior officials to male legislators and officials, and the number of female heads of state to male heads of state in the last 50 years. Denmark was on the 7th spot and the US can be found on the 17th spot.
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