'Massacre a result of multiculturalism'
writes Sweden Democrat and local Varberg politician Erik Hellsborn, who believes the recent massacre in Norway is a result of immigration and Islamization.

In his blog, he writes that he feels no guilt in admitting to sharing Norway suspect Anders Behring Breivik’s racist views.


“If there had been no ‘Islamization’ or massive immigration, there would also not have been anything to trigger Behring Breivik to do what he did,” Hellsborn writes. In an interview with Hallands Nyheter, he adds: “The final responsibility always lies with the perpetrator, but if we are to discuss the reasons which drove him to commit the crime, then they were caused by the multiculturalism.”

According to Hellsborn, the shame and guilt is not with him, but should rather be with those whom he calls “cosmopolitans” (i.e. those pro-immigration) “In a Norwegian Norway, this tragedy would have never taken place,” he writes, and adds that Breivik is a product of a multicultural society. But Mattias Karlsson, Cultural Spokesperson for the Sweden Democrats says the party doesn’t back Hellborn. “These are not our views,” Karlsson says. “The reasons behind these deeds are within this deeply disturbed, evil man.” And he gives examples: “The Unabomber in the US, who was an inspiration to Breivik, saw pollution as the foremost reason to murder people. That doesn’t mean Miljöpartiet (the Green Party in Sweden) needs to dissociate themselves from him, neither do the Social Democrats need to feel responsible or have to dissociate themselves from the Baader-Meinhof gang or the Red Brigades just because they both had a class analysis that on certain issues they share.”