Our photograph on start page is of the ferry line for Gotland - if you haven't been to the island yet, consider it...
Gotland - Captivating Island of Art and Design

After an increase in passengers of 12% in 2010 Stockholm has now surpassed Helsingborg as Sweden’s biggest passenger port. The Baltic traffic is almost as big as the traffic to Denmark with a total of 11.2 million passengers versus the Baltic's 11.1 million. Stockholm itself saw 9.1 million passengers in 2010, according to new statistics from Passagerarrederiernas Förening Passagerarrederierna.


Close to 29 million passengers chose transportation by sea in 2010. The traffic across the Baltic Sea is now almost as great as the traffic between Sweden and Denmark. A total of 11.1 million passengers crossed several destinations across the Baltic Sea in 2010.

We covered the increase in curise traffic to Stockholm as Disney Magic visited Stockholm for the first time last summer - Magic Kingdom's flagship docks in Stockholm