Götheborg, a wooden vessel and the sailing replica of an 18th Swedish East Indiaman, might soon be hitting the waves again.

The idea is to sail in the wake of Kalmar Nyckel, the Dutch-built armed merchant ship that carried Swedish settlers to the US in 1638 to establish the colony of New Sweden. And Rikard Thornander, vice president of Svenska Ostindiska Companiet AB wants to see Götheborg make the voyage in celebration of the 375th anniversary of New Sweden (which means the trip should take place in 2013).


“We’d like Götheborg to sail just where Kalmar Nyckel sailed as well as visit several harbors along the American East Coast,” says Thornander. But whether Götheborg will actually sail depends on the finances, of course.

We last wrote about Götheborg when she anchored in Stockholm for last summer’s Royal wedding Götheborg at the Royal Wedding