“Most worrying attempt at terrorist attack in crowded part of central Stockholm. Failed - but could have been truly catastrophic…” Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said via Twitter.

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt on Sunday said the attack was "both undesired and unacceptable" but urged Swedes not to jump to "premature conclusions" that "create tension which paints pictures that are then difficult to change." “Three things happened (…),” he said, “a car exploded… a man died and Säpo received a message threatening Sweden. The three events are not confirmed as having any link to each other.”


He also said: "Sweden is an open society where we want people to be able to have different backgrounds, believe in different Gods or no Gods at all. People with different backgrounds co-exist and if they are upset they express their opinion with words. That society is worth keeping. We shall not draw any premature conclusions. We know to little yet. When we don’t know there is a risk that we fill the gaps and create a picture that can be difficult to change. We shall not act too early, that could lead to undesired consequences."