According to Mediakademin’s (the Media Academy) barometer (an independent opinion poll), the top three are:

1. Göteborg
2. Halmstad
3. Stockholm.


“Göteborg is the most popular city among all ages,” says Toivo Sjörén from SIFO (Market Research and Business Analysis), who presented the study.

The least popular cities were:
1. Malmö
2. Karlskrona and
3. Luleå.

Mediaakademin also asked SIFO to look into what businesses, organizations, and institutions Swedish people feel most trust for. And that top list looks like this:

2. Sveriges Radio
3. Sveriges Television
4. Volvo
5. Universities
7. The Government
8. Ericsson
9. The Swedish Parliament and
10. The Moderate Party

The Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMK) at Stockholm University