By Nordstjernan columnist Ulf Nilson, October 2010

Is Sweden going to hell? Yes, it is, says a new book, that not one of the conventional publishing houses wanted to touch. So the author, a person I know, borrowed a considerable amount of money and put it on print on demand in Sweden. I sadly doubt that it will see many readers.…
But it should! Yes, it should: Every Swede ought to read it; if they do, the country might be saved.
Have I gone mad? No, I don’t think so, but please, please read on and judge for yourself.
The title is “The World Champions―When Sweden Went Multicultural” [Världsmästarna, när Sverige blev mångkulturellt]. The author's name is given as Julia Caesar, once a funny actress, but long gone. The real author, who is a woman, wants to remain anonymous because of “shrinking freedom of expression and the growing threat from Islam.”
The theme of the book, which is very well written and edited, is that Sweden has a frightful problem with what we sometimes call “immigrants” and occasionally “foreigners.”
The politically correct Swede (and most Swedes are PC) should already say that I, Ulf Nilson, am “hostile to strangers” and, most likely, a racist. To discuss the immigrant problem, well, even to call it at problem, has for many years been taboo. The column I’m writing here would almost certainly be refused by Swedish media, perhaps a bit strange in view of the fact that I have worked for Swedish papers (with some success) for exactly 60 years come July.
The following is a summary of what the book says:
After a decision in 1975 which was backed by all the political parties, Sweden opened its doors to what can only be called limitless immigration. It is as if (says I, not the book) we [Sweden] had decided to freely admit every- and anyone: Turks, Somalis, Sudanese, Bosnians etc. All were without a word of Swedish, the great majority without marketable skills (shepherding isn’t big in Sweden) and thus dependent on the dole, that is, living off money being paid into the system by ordinary Swedish tax payers. As of now the number of foreigners has grown from more or less nil to 14 percent. Of these 14 percent some 80 percent get their money from the State and the municipalities. In other words, they don’t work, and this in spite of the fact that political decisions, taken in deep unanimity, say that “Muhammed” should be given preference over “Svenne.” (In other words, if you will, discrimination against natural born Swedes). It should be noted, in this connection, that many foreigners systematically fail tests―mainly language―that would make them eligible for work. They prefer to go back to the dole and work-free days, where the men sit smoking in suburban cafés and the women are at home (well protected, if not from the husband) and not to be seen.
But I digress. The fact is that of 1.7 million people living in Sweden today most don’t work and a great deal don’t speak Swedish. Rape has gone up to (according to some estimates) perhaps to 20 (!) a day. The overwhelming majority are perpetrated by young men who are also “invandrare.” The prisons are, in fact, packed with young men from the ghettoes, who have committed robbery, bank robbery, burglary and so on.
When I was a kid (I'm 77 now), I never saw a black man and hardly any other foreigners (except for some Polish women who fled World War II). An even more telling fact revealed by the book: Today, more than 150 Swedish cities, including, of course, the biggest ones, have ghettoes, populated almost exclusively by foreigners. It’s a well known fact that “common Swedes” visit these ghettoes at their peril. This goes for fire fighters and police, too. In Rosengård in Malmö, for example, a police car is always escorted by another police car, since the first one will inevitably be stolen if the two cops venture out. The fire brigade is met by rocks thrown by “angry young men” and at least one school burns each day, set on fire by … well, you guess who.…
And worst of all. I have to stress, once again, that reports of this kind are not to be found in Swedish media. As far as racial incidents occur in the U.S. or in France, we report them, yes we do. I myself have spent a lot of time reporting on and marching (proudly) with the civil rights movement in the U.S. I was hit by a ricochet in Harlem one afternoon long ago and cried listening at Martin Luther King at the Lincoln Memorial that glorious day when we were marching on Washington and the street lights went on and off without anybody noticing. Those were the days and most importantly: The decent Americans won. Life got better―for all.
No, a very similar problem has hit Sweden. And what do we do? Well, except for a few souls, brave and wonderful, like “Julia Caesar,” Sweden denies there is a problem.
What may well be the greatest scandal in modern times is systematically swept under the rug, while the leaders present their country as “World Champion” in caring for the poor and dispossessed.…