Taking along little more than a pot or two, Prince Daniel would not be splitting half the loot in the Kingdom of Sweden if he goes his separate ways one day in the future from his new bride, Crown Princess Victoria. Everything they owned at the time when they married will be counted as separate assets, according to their marriage prenuptial agreement that was signed on June 7, 12 days before the nuptial vows were exchanged, but registered at Solna district court over two weeks later.

The prenuptial agreement stipulates that any property that they both own separately upon entering into their marriage will be considered separate property. Daniel would get no part of something that Victoria owned and vice versa. Money, objects, property and other assets that are separately earned by each during their marriage, including things inherited or received as gifts during the marriage, will also be jointly owned and not communal property.


Furthermore any interest or profits from such aforementioned valuable assets will be treated as private property of the respective person.

The only exceptions, according to marriage, are private household items, which are to be considered as community property, Therefore, things like the knives, pots and towels would need to be divided in the event of divorce.

In essence, Prince Daniel would, should a divorce become reality, retain his physical fitness operation (his only business before becoming full time Prince, his clothes and probably enough dishes, plates and utensils to set up a bachelor apartment. Luckily for him, he will be allowed to keep 100% of the kidney which was given to him by his father last year to save his life.

Presumably, the prince would also keep all his other body parts, so long as they were still be attached at the time of any unfortunate sort of divorce.

The document, signed in Stockholm Castle June 7th, 2010 by Victoria and Daniel, declares that in the event of the death of one of the couple, the surviving spouse would inherit everything just like normal married couples. However, in regard to possible divorce, observers noted that no mention or contracts had stipulated any subsistence, allowance or other means of support for Prince Daniel. One expert quipped that he hoped that Prince Daniel had spoken with an attorney to get advice before signing the documents, which would possibly leave him both homeless and penniless if the two parted.

Source: Dagens Industri