Danger of rust in the steering mechanism that could cause drivers to lose control, Volvo Trucks announced a recall of 77,000 trucks in North America. Company spokesmen said that Volvo repair shops should be equipped to begin fixing the problem by mid-August.

The difficulty relates solely to trucks sold in the North American market between 2001 and 2006, and the company said the risks were relatively low since the models have been driven now about 10,000 miles each during the five to ten years on the road. At this point, Volvo said that only ten accidents have been blamed on the rust problem in the steering, although figures from the US NHTSA said the figure had reached 23. However, both agreed that there were two injuries and no fatalities from the mishaps.


"We have agreed with safety authorities in North America to recall these trucks because, when they are not serviced regularly and a joint in the steering mechanism is not oiled, water can get in and it can rust and the steering mechanism can break," said a Volvo spokesman. The recall begins on Aug. 15, and Volvo suggested that owners of the heavy duty trailer trucks can contact the company for further information.
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