For under $200 for a lifetime membership, "My Webwill," now being launched on the Internet in the United States, allows people to decide whether their online accounts should be deactivated upon their death, transferred to someone else or updated with a final message from the deceased. The Swedish company behind the service has tested it in Europe and is now rolling out their practical service around the world.

People who decide to use the service can arrange for a memorial home page to be set in action upon their departure or, alternatively, use such social networks as Facebook or Tweet to spread news of their demise. Passwords and required death certificates are part of the security arrangements.


According to the service's founders, "My Webwill" realized that digital identities remained on the Internet after the death of the originator, and relatives were stymied when trying to contact large big Internet sites without knowing the deceased's passwords.

According to Charlotta Lindgren Östlund, with the Swedish Funeral Directors Association, “This service is very timely and practical in today’s society. It could be useful to authorize someone to close your digital life according to your requirements.”