One of the largest stashes of cocaine ever caught inward bound to the Swedish market - 234 pounds (106.5 kilos) in all - was hidden inside nine yellow plastic cannisters that were mixed among frozen broccoli that traveled in a container from South America.

Initially, the smuggled goods in a shipment from Ecuador were intercepted by customs police in Germany, and in a sting operation in collaboration with Swedish authorities, the original contents of contraband were replaced with harmless powdered sugar before sending it forward to its intended destination, Helsingborg, Sweden.


All while being watched by Swedish police, one suspect entered the container when it arrived in Helsingborg and fetched what he believed were cannisters filled with cocaine from the vegetable shipment and moved them into another storage facility, upon which he was arrested. After being chemically tested, the police in Sweden reported that the cache was worth $12.75 million (SEK 100 million) on the street, which seemed somewhat excessively evaluated by standards generally given on narcotics evaluations web sites, even though these particular drugs were reported to be of high concentration and quality.

An accomplice, also a male in his mid-forties, was also arrested and charged in Helsingborg District Court. Both claimed innocence, although the crimes of which they are accused, if convicted in Sweden, can earn them each up to ten years imprisonment.