To enable more people to discover Sweden as a land of adventure, the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications proposes coordination the agencies concerned in development of new and old tourist destinations.

The initiative entails setting up a partnership for businesses to contact when they want to get in touch with government agencies and private actors. The partnership's task involves supporting development of the tourist industry.


"It should be easy for small businesses to gain access to professional development, business networks, meeting places and help in finding funding to develop their operations," says Maud Olofsson, Minister for Enterprise and Energy.

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and Visit Sweden are assigned to promote partnerships for destination development.

"We hope that the new partnerships will enable tourist companies that want to grow to spend less time on administration and more time on developing their destinations," says Åsa Torstensson, Minister for Communications.

The coalition administration in Sweden, called the Alliance Government, has enacted more than 170 measures to improve Sweden's business climate. Visit Sweden received an extra SEK 170 million ($24 million) during the current electoral period for marketing, and additional strategies aim at developing capacity in Sweden's rural areas.

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