In Sweden, 33,168 second homes are owned by foreigners, which is an increase of over 4% since 2008 and over 9% since 2007. Non-Swedes own 6% of the total number of residences used for holiday purposes in the country.

Regionally, at 39%, foreign holiday property ownership is greatest in Kronoberg county, although it represents 21% Värmland and 15% in Jönköping. On the outskirts of Stockholm in Mälardalen, in Gävleborg and on the island of Gotland, less than one percent is "non-Swedishly" owned. About 88% of the foreign owners are either Danish, German or Norwegian. Curiously, more vacation property owners come from Great Britain and Switzerland than from Sweden's next door neighbor, Finland.


The two towns with the highest number of foreign holiday home owners are Stromstad (Norwegians) and Ljungby (Danes). By proportion, in the municipality of Markaryd, 59% of the second homes are owned by foreigners.