When someone lays their paws on your clothes, sounds come out... and even music (all up to the 'ear' of the beholder, needless to say...). The unusual fashion concept has been developed by Jeannine Han, an American student at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, Sweden together with a technician, Dan Riley (in 2010 /Ed.). The first sounds they have created resemble the tones from a harp, and they are working on a much wider repertoire.

“The outfit is for a traveling nomad who wishes to communicate with other nomads, so the sound is inspired by nature,” says Han. She adds that the aesthetic aspect is important and considerable effort has gone into developing the pattern. She has also received assistance from the Gothenburg Strap Factory Museum in producing the straps for the outfit and has support from 'Smart Textiles.'


“The outfit is made of material with integrated sensors that react when someone comes close or touches it,” explains Riley.

Their vision is to launch a band in which members will wear these special cloth costumes on stage, and thus, perform by playing themselves, on themselves.
“We also want to develop the technology to make it easy to produce the clothing in the future,” concludes Han.

Han and Riley's creation can be studied at Nordiska Museet - The Nordic Museum in Stockholm - http://www.nordiskamuseet.se - as part of the ongoing exhibition Power of Fashion - 300 years of Clothing.

Source: University of Borås More info, also www.designbystudents.com