Swedish Bluegrass band G2 will perform at the IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) in Nashville, Tenesse on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1-2. On the way to the venue they make stops in Chicago (Sept. 26, at American Legion Music Hall) and in Lexington, Kentucky (Sept. 28, at the historic Kentucky Theatre).
These shows are an opportunity to hear what is considered “the most exciting bluegrass band ever to come out of Europe.” If you enjoyed ‘Saggy Bottom Boys’ in the Cohen brothers’ 2000 sleeper hit “O brother where art thou” with George Clooney, this is your kind of music.
The band being 100% Swedish adds an additional spice to the experience, this is true 100% Bluegrass med Svenskt smör. Each member of the band has a father or uncle who plays bluegrass and country music, thus making them the second generation of Swedish bluegrass musicians. The story is that after WWII, when the Armed Forces Radio broadcasts of American country and bluegrass music met the ears of Swedish fiddlers, magic happened. Suddenly the “spelman” fiddlers of Sweden were energized with new sounds of Bill Monroe, Flat and Scruggs, and others. Already established with a network of small local “folkmusik” festivals, complete with jam sessions and folk dancing, Sweden was ripe to embrace the new sound of Monroe’s hard-driving string band style. In the early 1960’s, jam sessions at small town “folkmusik” festivals splintered into new factions and the first generation of Swedish bluegrass picker was born.
More info, see http://g2bluegrassband.com