American movie star Uma Thurman would rather be Swedish, according to Swedish media reports quoting a recent interview in Icon Magazine. She is said to be scared of the right-wing winds that are blowing over the U.S. in the shape of the Tea Party. The actress, most known for her parts in Quentin Tarantino’s films ”Pulp Fiction” and ”Kill Bill”, actually has her roots in Trelleborg, where her grandmother Birgit Holmqvist stands statue in Smygehamn (The "Embrace Statue" find out more here: Sweden in a nutshell
Thurman’s at the time modeling mother emigrated to the U.S. via London but has kept her Swedish citizenship all these years, the star says. And now Uma herself dreams of becoming Swedish.
”I could definitely imagine moving to Sweden. I grew up with a Socialist mom so I am psychologically and ethically conditioned. And I am also curious to investigate my roots there,” she says.