The German technology giant Bosch believes air taxis will be a reality in just a few years, with self-flying taxi vehicles in the skies as early as 2025 (air taxi test flights are already scheduled to begin in Dubai, Los Angeles, Dallas and Singapore in 2020).

Skype founder Nicklas Zennström's venture capital company Atomico invested heavily in Lilium GmbH in 2017. The German company, founded in 2015, carried out a test flight with the first full-scale model of a drone that has room for five passengers in May this year. The test flight with Lilium Jet was done without driver or passenger. The company plans to start mass production and have the first flight taxi in traffic in 2025.


Customers will be able to order the taxi via an app and it should be able to land and lift vertically from a landing platform. According to the company, the vessel will have a range of 185 miles and a top speed of 190 mph (300 km per hour).
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