The Swedish developed app Natural Cycles, which presents itself as the first intelligent birth control app that effectively prevents pregnancy without hormones, is launching in the U.S. The app tells its users when they are fertile and when it is advisable to use protection to avoid becoming pregnant by analyzing the user's basic body temperature. The user keeps track of daily body temperature with a 2-decimal thermometer, then puts data into the app which uses an algorithm to determine whether you should use protection.

The app was accepted by the FDA as a contraceptive in August 2018, and in January 2019 Natural Cycles began offering the app through a state program, Title X, which offers contraception to people with low income or without insurance. Women in New Hampshire are the first to have the opportunity to test the app.


The app was criticized last year when some users reported pregnancies after using the app, but the Medical Products Agency in Sweden (Läkemedelsverket - the Swedish equivalent to the FDA) continues to classify the app as a contraceptive: The efficiency level to avoid unwanted pregnancies when using the app remains at just over 93 percent, according to the company's own samples. The app has around one million users worldwide and the largest market so far is England.
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