The Danish concept of being cozy together, “hygge,” is ingrained into the Danish culture and could be why Danes—and their Nordic neighbors—always rank high as happy people in the world. The Scandinavian Cultural Center just outside Boston, like many people and places around the U.S., is consciously applying this cozy concept into their programs, including a new Fika Tuesday gathering for moms of newborns. For more info on the cultural Center, call 617.795.1914 or see

Nordic Northwest in Portland, Oregon, is in the final weeks of an exhibit on loan from the Museum of Danish America​ that’s all about hygge: Not only is hygge in homes, but it’s also in design concepts, clothing, food and more. Stop by Nordic Northwest before March 31 to see the posters from The Museum of Danish America and sit in the hygge corner with a cup of coffee or add your personal touch to the museum’s knitting and crochet hygge project. For more info, call 503.977.0275 or see