Innovate46, an innovation and entrepreneurship conference organized by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York, recognized Willem Sundblad, founder and CEO of Oden Technologies in New York, as the winner of the Anders Wall Award for Exceptional Entrepreneurship. He wins $25,000 from the Anders Wall Foundation.

The annual award is announced in October at the Innovate46 conference at Nasdaq MarketSite in New York. Prize winners have often been some of Sweden’s, and perhaps the world’s, most interesting entrepreneurs.
As CEO of Oden Technologies, an IoT company that helps manufacturers significantly reduce industrial waste through data collection and analysi, Sundblad was also recently featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 for his work to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. Sundblad also writes about the manufacturing industry’s future for Born in Sweden, Sundblad studied at Lund University in Sweden.


We recently picked up news about an earlier winner, Malmö, Sweden based company Orbital Systems, which develops an energy and water-tight shower that purifies and recirculates shower water. After receiving several major orders worth over SEK 160 million, its largest since the founding of the company in 2012, Orbital Systems will reportedly start production in the next six months. The company has around 50 employees in Sweden and another five in the United States.
The product has come to be called the "Tesla Shower" and is described as the first in the world of its kind. With filtration and recycling, 90 percent of water is saved and energy consumption reduced by 80 percent.
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