Stockholm based Candela Speed ​​Boat is for boats what Tesla is for cars. By offering faster speeds and longer range, Candela Speed ​​Boat plans to make the ocean fossil free. The company offers an all electric speed boat with a range of close to two hours at 25 knots. Add to that a top speed of 30 knots and an almost silent ride. And a hull that makes no slamming in three-feet waves.

Candela, which now has 14 employees, was founded in 2014 by its CEO Gustav Hasselskog. Series production is starting up and a total of 150 boats have been pre-ordered already. Ten boats will be delivered in the spring of 2019, according to the company founder and CEO. The first model, Seven, has a range of 50 nautical miles, equivalent to close to 60 miles at a speed of 20 to 25 knots. The top speed is 30 knots for the boat, which is 25 feet (7.7 meters) long and 8 feet (2.4 meters) wide. Seven is made of carbon fiber and is designed with hydrofoils which raise the hull above the water’s surface.


“We reduce energy consumption by 75 percent compared to a regular boat. This allows you to reach a range close to that of a gasoline boat. You could for instance reach Möja (Nordstjernan issue 13, 2018) from Slussen in central Stockholm and back,” says Gustav Hasselskog.

The price tag of Seven is SEK 2.2 million ($ 250,000) but the company plans to offer other models, possibly at a lower price, in the future. “We can tell that there’s huge demand,” said Hasselskog in a recent interview with Swedish Dagens Industri. “This allows us to sell with some margin from day one and get a return on heavy investments in development. We will try to focus on volume to reduce prices in the future,” he said, adding, “There are no sensible electric boats on the market today. Either they’re very slow or they have no range. Therefore, customers come to us.“
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