Would you buy John Grisham’s jacket or some of Jay-Z’s old jewelry? In Sweden the startup Used By has positioned itself to let you do that – it is a site for the sale of finer second-hand clothes, often worn by celebrities. Among other things, you can buy the author Camilla Läckberg’s used jackets, blouses and brand name shoes or Calle Schulman’s (blogger and TV host) old duffle jacket on the site.

Used By did not spend any money on marketing but worked with celebrities as ambassadors. The business model? Used By does not charge for the ads but takes 20 percent of the selling price.
"We pick up their stuff, shoot and make ads. Then they can advertise their sale on their own social media and show that they sell to benefit charities and also care about the environment,” one of the founders told Swedish media. "It's not environmentally sustainable to consume as much textiles as we do today. It makes perfect sense to both buy and sell clothes.”


Depending on which celebrity sells a garment, traffic to the site can increase 200 percent, according to the company. And no, buyers and sellers are not expected to meet each other. For more info, see www.usedby.com