Two self-propelled buses will be tested on a public road in Kista, Stockholm. The attempt is the first to be approved by the Swedish Transport Authority (Transportstyrelsen) to drive on a public road in Sweden.

Specifically, it means the bus company Nobina will let two self-drive buses with capacity for 12 passengers drive between two destinations in Kista. The distance is just under a mile (about 1.5 kilometers) and the speed will be 12 miles per hour (20 km per hour). The buses are powered by electricity and follow a virtual trail. GPS and sensors ensure that the vehicle does not deviate from its course. A driver will also be present on the bus since today's legislation requires it. The test will be in progress for six months.


"This is a historic decision that promotes the development of new, innovative technologies that are important for social development. Extensive research and knowledge building is essential for the development of automated road traffic in a sustainable and reliable manner, Jonas Bjelfvenstam, director general of Transportstyrelsen said in a press release.