In a new collaboration between Ikea and Apple, the plan is to let Ikea customers use augmented reality (AR) to see how different products would look and fit in order to ease buying decisions without having to go to a department store.

"It is only part of our commitment to make our products available to as many people as possible. And here we see great opportunities by fully utilizing future digital technologies," says an Ikea spokesperson.
But digital advances aren't the only things coming: A new click technique for assembling furniture without traditional fittings or glue is gradually being introduced throughout Ikeaís range of products.


Ikea describes it as the biggest innovation since the flat package. Itís expected to generate a variety of benefits, including lower environmental impact, easier and cheaper products, and ease of disassembly when moving or recycling. And the time for assembly can be cut radically. Assembling a wardrobe cabinet can be shortened from one and a half hours to three minutes for the average customer, according to Ikea.