Volvo Trucks will start selling electric trucks next year but the first vehicles will be used by select customers already in 2018, Volvo Trucks writes in a press release. The technology is based on experience from electric buses, which Volvo is already building, and hybrid trucks.

"By using electric and quiet trucks for goods transport in cities, we solve a number of challenges at the same time. Without disturbing noise and exhaust emissions, it becomes possible to drive in more sensitive parts of the city center. It is also possible to drive transport at times of the day when traffic is not so dense, for example late evenings and nights. This reduces the load on roads during rush hour traffic, which means that both the road network and the vehicles can be used more efficiently than today," said Claes Nilsson, CEO of Volvo Trucks, in the press release.


The Tesla Semi, a potential competitor to Volvo Trucks, which was introduced to the press in November last year, is not expected to be on the roads until 2020.