Årets Julklapp, the Christmas Gift of the Year, is the eBike. The electric bicycle is a retail product that has the potential to deeply change society's infrastructure and human behavior. It reflects the Swedish consumer's growing climate awareness, interest in health and exercise, being free, flexible and sometimes comfortable. In a short period of time, it has gone from being an exclusive product for the few to reaching a much broader audience.

This year marks the 30th time the Christmas Present of the Year was recognized in Sweden. In order for a product to be designated as the year's Christmas gift, one or more of the following criteria must be met:
1. The product should be a novelty or have gained new interest during the year.
2. The product should be responsible for a high sales value or be sold in large numbers.
3. The product should represent the time we live in.


The eBike meets all three criteria to become this year's Christmas present.

The eBike has gained new interest
In recent years, the technology of the eBike has matured and made it increasingly accessible. As specialized electric bicycle manufacturers have been joined by electric models from classic bicycle manufacturers, demand has accelerated sharply. Over the past year, more than one in 10 bicycles sold in Sweden has electric power. With the government's recently proposed premium of 25 percent off the purchase price up to SEK 10,000 ($1185), interest increased yet another notch.

The eBike represents the time we live in
We live in a time of conscious choices. More and more people choose to live in or near cities and drop the car. The eBike offers a climate-conscious and fossil-free means of travel while promoting a more active lifestyle. In this way, the eBike hooks into three strong mega trends―urbanization, reflections on climate change, exercise and health.

The eBike accounts for a high sales value and is sold in large numbers.
Demand for electric bicycles is sharply increasing. During the period from September 2016 to August 2017, 67,500 electric bicycles were sold, which corresponds to an increase of 50 percent compared to the previous year. The eBike is a growing social phenomenon that appeals to a broad audience, and with the greatest probability will increase even more in popularity with the planned government subsidy.