While many health enthusiasts tout the powers of popular berries like the trendy goji, Swedes looking for a health boost need go no further than the great Swedish outdoors.

Nine “super berries” grow in the Swedish countryside where everyone has the right to pick as many as they’d like, thanks to the “Allemansrätten,” or the “right to roam.”


Livsmedelsverket (The Food Administration) has analyzed and measured the levels of vitamin C, folate, vitamin K and carotenoids, determining these popular Swedish berries are indeed super: hawthorn berries; chokeberries; blueberries; strawberries; red and black currants; raspberries; lingonberries and gooseberries.

A new book from one of our readers covers uncommon, "antique" fruits - most of them not so uncommon in Sweden: Pomona's Lost Children