Stockholm School of Economics interviewed Abigail Richardson, originally from Phoenix, Arizona, about what it is like to study in Sweden.

"When I came upon the Stockholm School of Economics during my search to find the right master’s program for me, it felt like the perfect fit ― an international cohort, prestigious international recognition, and located in the beautiful capital city of Stockholm. Since my undergraduate program left me with student loans, tuition was also an important factor in my decision. Compared to similar postgraduate programs I considered in the U.S., SSE’s tuition was a fraction of the cost, and with scholarship opportunities, studying in Stockholm was easily affordable. I knew that pursuing my education at SSE would help me to continue to follow my passion, while giving me the foundation and knowledge required to work internationally.


I graduated with a B.Sc. in Nutrition with minors in Spanish and Journalism, which couldn’t be any more different to the MSc program in International Business I’m studying now. One of the best aspects about SSE is that diversity is highly valued. Not only do my peers come from all over the world, but they also come from a variety of academic backgrounds, giving the program a well-rounded and unique perspective.

As a current SSE student, I can honestly say there is an inclusive and accepting atmosphere where I feel truly valued as an individual. I received a warm welcome during my first week in Stockholm and I was able to meet new and existing students who exemplified the friendly spirit of SSE. The Student Association of SSE organized a fun-filled introduction week helping newly admitted students get to know SSE, Stockholm and the Swedish culture through various events. Since SSE is a small school, it’s easy to get involved in various clubs and organizations. This year, I am a project leader for the Ambassadors Program that allows me to represent SSE worldwide by reaching out to prospective students and sharing my experience as a student here in Stockholm.

Life in Sweden has been an easy adjustment. With their convenient public transport system, a car isn’t necessary to get to school or visit the many attractions Stockholm has to offer. There is never a shortage of places to explore such as the old city of Gamla Stan, a multitude of parks, great restaurants and bars, and remarkable museums. If you’re a coffee lover like me, you’ll fit in perfectly with the Swedish custom of having “fika” (coffee break) with a “kanelbulle” (cinnamon roll) several times a day. If I’ve learned anything here, it is that the Swedes are never too busy for “fika” with friends.

With increasing globalization, obtaining a master's degree abroad is a great way to advance your future career and SSE provides the perfect combination of international experience, hands-on projects, as well as an open-minded atmosphere to grow not only as a professional, but as an individual as well.”

Abigail Richardson, current MSc student at Stockholm School of Economics

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“My overall reflections are that I got the education of a lifetime along with the chance to immerse myself fully in another culture and meet friends I will have for the rest of my life. I truly believe I will forever consider Stockholm my second home.”
Ceilidh Meagher, MSc finance alum from the U.S.