There’s much to be said about an educational experience in the university towns of Lund or Uppsala, Sweden but when it comes to available programs, one destination stands apart from the others: Stockholm — the modern, vibrant capital city of Sweden.
Stockholm University, on the north side of the city, is a large research university with an impressive number of students and a range of academic programs that consistently ranks it among the top 100 universities in the world and the 50 best in Europe. With more than 75 Master’s programs taught in English within science, social sciences, humanities and law, Stockholm University is Sweden’s largest university. Its campus is located only a few stops away from the city center, in a national city park surrounded by water and a botanic garden as its closest neighbor.
Founded as an alternative to the traditional universities in 1878, with openness as one of its guiding principles, there is a strong linkage between education and research at the university. Some of the university’s profile areas include: astrophysics, cosmology and particle physics, climate, seas and environment, normativity, law and ethics, transnationalism and migration, welfare and democracy, and children’s rights and conditions. As a student, you have direct contact with leading researchers in your field and access to the most recent scientific findings.
In the country of the most prestigious academic award, the Nobel Prize, Stockholm University’s researchers hold the position as secretary in the Nobel committees for chemistry, literature and economic sciences; and each year the Nobel lectures of physics and chemistry, and economic sciences are held at the university’s plenary hall Aula Magna.

Collaboration with American universities
A study abroad experience through collaboration with American universities can take place at any level of the university, and the American student group is one of the largest among the international students. Stockholm University has had a partnership with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which includes student and staff exchange, and research cooperation.
“Stockholm is a really pleasant place to live. I notice it most with my health, as I definitely spend more time outside getting fresh air, and get more exercise from walking around and exploring. This is an international city full of people from different backgrounds, so I constantly meet new people with interesting stories to share. That also means there is a wide variety of tasty food! There is always something going on here, like concerts from every popular singer or band you could ever want to see,” said Michael Nelson, an American student and Kungstenen Scholar from University of Illinois, who studied at Stockholm University in 2015-16.
“It fascinates me that I have been able to do a Master's degree program in English in a non-native English speaking country. Prospective American students should know that the level of proficiency of English in Sweden is almost at a native level,” Nelson added.


Best student city in the Nordic countries
Ranked the best student city in the Nordic countries, here is what most students don’t realize about Stockholm:
• The weather is actually pretty great. Stockholm is built on 14 islands, and its archipelago consists of 14,000 islands and has the same average temperature as Madison, WI, but the summers are a bit cooler and the winters are actually milder. Bonus: There’s a ski slope within the city.
• Sweden thrives on innovation. Everyone knows about IKEA and ABBA, but did you know that Spotify, H&M, Skype, Candy Crush and Minecraft are all Swedish? Sweden has been ranked in the top three of the Global Innovation Index for several years, and Stockholm is the hub. There are tech start-ups, meetups and a palpable desire to create the next big thing.
• City or nature? You don’t have to choose. Stockholm offers everything you might expect in a big capital, with a thriving culture scene, interesting history, and people (and restaurants) from all over the world. But it also has sprawling city parks, dedicated bike paths, and an even bigger natural reserves an easy bus ride away. A park is never further away than 300 meters in Stockholm.
• Study life and culture. Stockholm has been ranked the best student city of the Nordic countries, and here you can choose to join the university’s vibrant student life, or take part in the capital’s dynamic cultural life. Each year the City of Stockholm invites all international students to a reception in the City Hall where the Nobel Prize festivities take place.
• No worries. Studying abroad can be a little intimidating, but Stockholm makes that easy. Everyone speaks English, and the city was rated the safest capital city in all of Europe (according to the Economist) in 2015.

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