If you want your children to have the best upbringing, make sure you are raising them in Sweden. According to a US News survey of 16,000 people, Sweden ranks No. 1 in the world for its attention to human rights, family friendliness, gender equality, general happiness, income equality, safety, developed public education and health systems. The survey, which rated every country on these eight attributes, aims to gauge global perceptions of the world’s biggest economies and specific attributes compared with different countries.

According to the US News survey, Sweden must be doing exactly what it’s been working on by promoting itself as a family-friendly country — because the message is resonating. People believe all the Nordic nations have a great track record of gender equality, safety and human rights, but this year what tipped the scales is Sweden’s long, paid parental leave and child benefits programs. Sweden outranked second-place Denmark, which was previously in the number one spot, and Canada came in third. The U.S. ranked No. 15, behind Italy and Spain. For the complete and comprehensive list, see the US News article here and more about family-friendly Sweden here.


Speaking of raising children in Sweden, Crown Princess Victoria is a little over a month away from the birth of her second child. She is feeling well and plans to work as long as possible until the baby is born. She has calendar commitments through February 10, but that doesn't mean she won't work after that, according to the court's Communications Margareta Thorgren. The royal baby is due in March.