Solvatten, which translated from Swedish literally means “sun water,” is Swedish technology at its best. By 2014, just four years after it was first established for use, Solvatten's success increased the quality of life and the life expectancy of people in nearly 20 countries — benefiting more than 100,000 users.
Solvatten AB, founded in Stockholm in 2006 based on technology created by the Swedish inventor Petra Wadström, supplies a pioneering portable water treatment unit that allows households to heat up and treat contaminated water using solar energy. Sold and distributed to partners in developing countries around the world, the 11-litre containers, built to last an entire childhood, are placed in the sun for two to six hours to sterilize water, which can then be used for drinking, cooking and other daily hygiene-related tasks.
Solvatten was invited to demonstrate its household water treatment at the Smithsonian Museum during the exhibit "Why Design Now?" in 2010-2011. The exhibit displayed objects that presented reasons that make design an essential tool for solving a variety of today’s most urgent problems. Aside from providing drinking water, Solvatten was shown to also be used as a solar water heater capable of providing hot water for cooking and hygiene.
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