Bedtime story tops the charts
A children's book written by a Swede is suddenly topping Amazon’s best selling lists in the U.S. and Britain. "The rabbit who wants to fall asleep” was self-published by Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin four years ago, but it’s now becoming an international success. Forssén Ehrlin only promoted his book on social media and benefited by word of mouth, but the 2011 book now tops Amazon sales list - likely the first-ever independent author to do so - even ahead of Harper Lee's "Go Set a Watchman." Designed to help children go to sleep, parents are advised to read the 26-page bedtime story slowly and methodically and to yawn throughout the narrative. Forssén Ehrlin, a psychologist, says these psychological reinforcement techniques can transfer to the child who then mimics her parent's sleepy behavior. His innovative story uses sophisticated psychological techniques that "help the child relax, fall asleep faster and sleep calmer every night. The tale gives suggestions to the child's unconscious mind to sleep," says Forssén Ehrlin. The author, who is now getting pursued by publishing houses, is considering a sequel about potty training.

Swedish library is No. 1 in the world
Kista Library has won the Public Library of the Year Award 2015. The international prize, given by the Danish Arts Agency, was awarded on August 16 at the annual meeting of the Library Unions World Federation (IFLA). Kista Library, whose convenient, multicultural location in northwest Stockholm helped its win, had stiff competition around the world. Contenders for the 2015 prize had to be a new or repurposed building that opened after January 2013. Kista library, designed by Wester + Elsner Architects of Stockholm, opened its doors in August 2014. Other requirements included the library's clear purpose and play with technology, architecture that caters to various audiences, and flexibility. In addition to the honor, the winner gets $5,000 from the IT company Systematic. The prize is part of the project "Model program for public libraries," which aims to develop libraries where key components include digital development and working with user needs, the local culture and diverse population groups.