You can get as many as 23 villas in Svartå, Stöllet, Kopparberg, or Hällefors for the price of one in Äppelviken, in the western part of Stockholm. Location is everything. In Sweden also.

Each spring, Fastighetsbyrån (a realtor) asks their brokers to assess the value of an average villa in various locations around the country.
It is the same type villa: Built in 1980, with five rooms and a kitchen all spread out on 1,500 square foot (140 square meters) and with an adjoining plot of 10,000 square foot (900 square meters). The villa is situated slightly outside the city center, and the operating cost is about 3,000 SEK ($456) per month. The brokers’ assessment shows that the so-called ”Sweden villa” commands a price of 9.3 million SEK (or $1.4 million) when located in Äppelviken in Bromma, in western Stockholm.
However, it is much, much cheaper in Svartå, Stöllet, Kopparberg, and Hällefors where it costs only 400,000 SEK (or $60,000). The average price for the Sweden villa is 2.5 million SEK ($380,200), which is higher than last year’s 2.2 million SEK ($334,500) average. The price of the Sweden villa has increased in all of Sweden, according to Fastighetsbyrån. This may have to do with the fact that there’s a low new production of villas in attractive places, so it comes as no surprise that the most expensive villas can be found around Stockholm (nine of the ten most expensive ones) and Göteborg (one of the ten most expensive ones).