Mondays are when most people go online to shop, and Friday is when most people buy groceries. At least in Sweden. Daily Metro has figured out when and what Swedes buy. Many factors come into play when we do our shopping.
According to Magnus Kroon, director of development at Svensk Handel (the Swedish Trade Federation), season, pay day and weather are such important factors.
”What weighs heavily today is the digitalization of trade. People make their shopping decisions digitally, but implement it in different places. Although retail trade is still the most popular way to go,” he says. Mondays: According to a mapping of Swedish people’s online shopping habits conducted by Klarna, a Swedish-based e-commerce company that provides payment services for online storefronts, Mondays are the days they buy the most stuff, and that stuff is usually accessories for the car, food and drink, and products for the home. Tuesdays: A day spent most on food, but also on items that have to do with entertainment, health and beauty, as well as services, jewelry, accessories, sport and leisure. Wednesdays: The online shopping Swedes do these days concern car accessories, electronics, entertainment, health and beauty. Thursdays: On Thursdays Swedes mostly buy groceries online. Fridays: The big day for food shopping—in stores, not online. Saturdays: This is the day when most people spend money in stores and the least online. Sundays: Are spent shopping for children’s products.