The demand for higher education is expected to reach record heights around the world. Sweden can meet some of the demand by creating an Internet-based university where everyone with Internet access, can study and get degrees. This according to a debate article by MP Emil Källström (from the Center Party) and two representatives from two Swedish colleges - Fredrik Lagergren of KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Per Ödling, University of Lund. Swedish students could receive their degree without leaving their home town, according to Lagergren and the two representatives. Harvard and MIT are already making classes available online - so-called Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) - and Sweden should enter this market early to meet future demand.

EU has projected that the demand for higher education will quadruple in the next twenty years - hardly possible without adopting new techniques and methods of learning. An early adoption of the new technology would give Sweden a head start and an opportunity to further increase the overall quality of higher education.
Original article at Ett svenskt nätuniversitet (in Swedish).