Creativity is celebrated in today’s society. (And Sweden is already high up on the list: For the second year in a row, Sweden is at the top of the Global Innovation Index)

Finding new solutions and coming up with original ideas help us in school as well as in our professional life. Daily Metro interviewed ethnologist and author Nicolas Jacquemot and student Pontus Hallin, asking their advice on how to boost creativity. In his book ”Kreativitetskoden” (the Creativity Code) Jacquemot takes a look at the factors that feed creativity, and gives readers tools in how we can better our creativity.


”A permissive and inspiring environment,” Jacquemot says is key for the kind of climate best churns out ideas. ”But you also have to have knowledge about the subject. And stress can kill creativity. But you can work on your creativity and make it stronger even when you’re pressed for time, which you sometimes are if you’re a student.”
Which leads Metro to Pontus Hallin, a 24-year-old student from Viken, who has found a lifestyle that promotes his creativity. Hallin studies textiles, production development and entrepreneurship at the University of Borås, but he also takes long breaks from his studies during which he travels and practices surfing. This fall, Hallin will start his own business, commercializing a product he’s been developing the past years in his mind and with the help of his book of ideas, a book he always carries with him. ”For me, passion is the most important thing for creativity. I live for surfing and sailing, and all I do follow along that line. All my trips are to the sea, and that’s where I find creativity. During my trips I test my ideas and I meet with people and cultures that make it possible for me to develop my product idea even more,” he says.