Yes, fall is here. In Sweden you can already feel it, even though the summer’s been great and longer than usual. When fall rolls around you can count on the common cold. Or is there a way to stave it off? We always knew there's something special with the Swedish traditional glögg and sure enough, there is: World’s healthiest spices

Other than spices, daily Metro’s health editor Hannah Andersson recently shared tips on how to (maybe) combat this fall’s cold. She says we are more susceptible to getting a cold when we exercise too hard, and that giving our bodies a boost with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants may prevent infections.


”Since over 70 percent of our immune system can be found in our stomach, your health is affected both negatively and positively by the food you choose to eat,” she says. ”If we choose products that are good for our insides, we create a great base for our overall health.”
Fruits and vegetables, of course, are great for boosting your body’s immune system. Choose the ones that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Making smoothies and juices is an easy way to get nutrition that the body can easily absorb. Instead of looking at the calories in your food, look instead at the nutritional elements, choose a balanced diet rich in protein, healthy fats, carbs, fruit and veggies. ”Nutritional foods have a positive influence on your well-being and creates good health from inside and out,” says Andersson.