What Swedes want
A weekend trip is what adult Swedes want most of all as a gift, according to a new Sifo survey. One in four men thinks a hug is enough, but fewer than every tenth woman agrees. It is the credit company Collector that asked TNS Sifo to interview more than 1,000 Swedes, ages 20-45, about their consumption habits, celebrations and gifts. A weekend trip was the most attractive gift, with both men and women. Men and women were in agreement that that’s the type of gift you’d most want to give. But when it comes to hugs, the genders disagree: While 23 percent of the men believed a hug was more than enough of a gift to their partner, only 4 percent of the women shared that thought. Another clear difference between the sexes was that while only 4 percent of the men wanted more clothes, 14 percent of the women bought exactly that for their men.