John Kerry visits Sweden
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Sweden. Kerry has had talks with Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, before traveling to Kiruna, where he will meet with counterparts from Russia and six other major stakeholders of the Arctic Council on May 15. Rapidly melting ice is changing the dynamics of the region, opening up new shipping routes that will shave transport times and making previously untouched oil and gas deposits accessible.

Members of the Council - Russia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, the U.S. and Canada - will sign a treaty on oil-spill preparedness and response, discuss their agenda for the next two years, and possibly vote on adding to the roster of permanent observers, which includes Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the U.K. and Poland.


For more info, see The Arctic Council - The entire Ministerial Meeting on May 15 will be webcast live on the Arctic Council homepage. Too early in the morning U.S. time but a recording of the proceedings will also be made available at the webiste after the conclusion of the meeting.