Eight times out of ten, it’s the man who drives the car when the Swedish family is out and about. This in spite of the fact that women actually drive safer and as drivers are involved in less accidents. It is a new study from Sifo, commissioned by the insurance company Folksam, which shows this. Studies show that men have 50% higher risk per every kilometer to crash, in comparison to women.

“To be more equal in the car can contribute to a higher traffic safety and decrease the number of accidents,” says Anders Kullgren, traffic research director at Folksam. “If more women are behind the wheel, traffic is safer.” According to the studies, men take higher risks, they often drive too fast and more often drive while intoxicated, while women take fewer risks and drive in a calmer fashion, all of which is important when it comes to accident statistics. 4200 people took part in the Sifo study, ages 18 and up.


Women, however, run a three times higher risk for whiplash accidents than men, for reason: A new doll developed in Sweden to protect women