According to the quality of life index from the Economist Intelligence Unit, a sister company to The Economist magazine, Sweden is the fourth best place to be born in this year.
The best place is Switzerland, followed by Australia, then Norway is third. Quality of life is based on surveys of the population covering 11 factors including wealth, crime, family life, trust in government and the stability of the economy. Income estimates for babies born in 2013 are based on projections for the year 2030, when these children come of age. The first time a ranking like this was made by the EIU was in 1988; at the top of the list then was the U.S., followed by France and West Germany. Sweden had to make do with ninth place that year. Since then, obviously, much has happened in the world economy, and on the latest list the U.S. and Germany are tied for 16th place. The worst place to be born in 2013 is Nigeria. Source and more info: The where-to-be-born index, 2013

Somehow we like the conclusion from 2010 and the Tällberg foundation better: Sweden is best!
As if we needed to tell you! But sometimes you need to hear what’s obvious, right? And since we just celebrated Sweden’s National Day (June 6), it’s OK to brag a little. “I’m not saying we’re perfect,” says Bo Ekman at Tällberg Foundation. “But the results are interesting.” Ekman is referring to the list of lists, brought together by Tällberg Foundation, and culled from sixteen different indexes made by the UN as well as various universities and organizations and foundations in order to show different countries and their position when it comes to a variety of aspects. Taken into account is human rights, environment, democracy, corruption, freedom of press, equality, the peace and happiness of the people, and competitiveness. And Sweden tops that list. “I believe it’s the result of a very long development that has to do with allemansrätten (the right of public access), women’s rights, our legislation, and the fact that we’re on friendly footing with other countries. The Swedish soul is pragmatic and firm and that creates a society which has a good balance when it comes to environment and economy,” Ekman continues. The one point where Sweden is not on top is environment for enterprise. The countries are given numbers, the smaller the number the better the placement. Sweden’s number is 4.44, followed by Norway (6.44), Denmark (7.44), Finland (10.56), Iceland (10.56) and Switzerland (13.50). Germany’s number is 14.81 and the US 25.06.