Sill or strömming?
It has been scientifically proven: Sill (herring) and strömming (Baltic small herring) are two different things. A study from Uppsala and Stockholm universities shows that the two fish are genetically different. Previously, it was thought they only had small or no differences at all. “All the ‘sill’ and ‘strömming’ we’ve studied are closely related. But for a small percentage of the genes, we’ve found very clear differences, not only between ‘sill’ and ‘strömming’ but also between different collections of the two,” says Leif Andersson, professor of gunctional Genomics at Uppsala University, in a press release.

So, sill may not be your favorite Swedish dish but here's a recipe for gravlax that is certain to bring joy and many comments to the table: Swedish gravlax, cured salmon, the recipe (Much easier than you'd expect!)


And, here's how and why it all came about; the sill, the gravlax, even the fermented herring - all for natural reasons The preservation of fish in olden days