Too much fish may cause stroke
High levels of environmental poison, found especially in fish from the Baltic Sea, increase the risk for stroke, according to a new Swedish-international study.

“Beware of eating fat fish from the Baltic Sea too often,” says Lars Lind, Professor in Cardiovascular Epidemiology at Uppsala University. “Especially if you’re a nursing mother, as the industrial chemical PCB (Polychlorinated biphenyl) carries through breast milk.”
PCB and DDT, an insecticide, are both illegal in Sweden, but is still stored in some of the food we eat. It can be found in high-fat dairy products as well as the fat fish from the Baltic. The new study, in which Lars Lind and a group of international colleagues followed 1000 people under several years, shows that humans with high levels of PCB and DDT have increased risks of getting a stroke. “There is no way to get these levels down, since they can only be broken down inside the body, slowly but surely,” Lind says.


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