The support for the Swedish European Union membership is as of spring 2012 still at 47% in Sweden, and 14% would, in spite of the Euro crisis, vote in favor of a monetary membership as well, according to Statistiska centralbyrĺn (Statistics Sweden).
“Swedes no longer question the European Union membership,” is how Swedish European Union Minister Birgitta Ohlsson (from Folkpartiet – the Liberal People’s Party) interprets these statistics. Statistics Sweden does this sort of poll twice a year, and in the last one, conducted in November last year, the support for a European Union membership, was the same as now. However, the percentage of Swedes in favor of becoming members of the European monetary union was the lowest since the polls began, barely 11%. In spite of the accelerating crisis in Europe, more Swedes, almost 14%, would vote yes for the Euro today.