If you want to make the big bucks in Sweden then make sure to work privately. Last year’s big winners were the CEOs. With a median monthly income of SEK 81,400 ($11,300), the CEOs in the private sector make the most money according to statistics from Sweden Statistics. After the CEOs in the private sector come the county council CEOs, with an average monthly salary of SEK 61,800 ($8,594). A government employed manager at the same level, a chief of police or an embassy counselor, makes SEK 7,800 ($1,084) less per month, on average SEK 54,000 ($7,500).
The lowest wages are found among construction—and building workers, cleaning personnel and restaurant staff. According to statistics, more than one million Swedes work in municipalities and county councils, and approximately 80 percent of the employees in local governments are women. Although wages in municipal occupations have increased since 2010, they are still among the lowest on the scale. A municipal employee cleaner receives an average of SEK 2,000 ($278) less than one who is privately employed.
The statistics relates to the major professions in Sweden.
Making the most each month:
CEOs in the private sector: SEK 81,400 ($11,321)
CEOs (county council): SEK 61,800 ($8,594)
Doctors: SEK 57,900 ($8,051)
Politicians and senior officials (municipal): SEK 57,200 ($7,954)
Specialist managers (private sector): SEK 56,200 ($7,815)

and ... making the least each month:
Building and construction workers (local government): SEK 19,300 ($2,684)
Cleaning personnel (local government): SEK 20,200 ($2,809)
Kitchen and restaurant personnel (municipal): SEK 20,300 ($2,823)
Childcare (local government): SEK 20,400 ($2,836)
Cleaning personnel (county council): SEK 20,600 ($2,864)