Students in second grade at Augustenborgsskolan in Malmö aren’t allowed to take their math books home with them. It’s all about equality and control, the school’s principal Annelie van Lunteen says to daily Sydsvenskan.

“We want a fair educational situation,” she says. That the kids aren’t allowed to bring their books home with them also has to do with students at other times forgetting to bring their books back to school. “There have been instances where half the class has been sitting there without books,” van Lunteren says. “It is difficult for the teacher to teach then, and it is not good for the students.” She adds that it isn’t fair that all kids don’t have the same access to help at home from their parents, or others.


“Parents are allowed to support and help as much as they want, we are happy about that. But it is the teacher who is responsible for assessing the students. We cannot expect all students to get that help at home. We are responsible for giving everyone the same kind of education.” Van Lunteren adds that the math book is not the only way to learn math. Students bring homework with them in the form of handouts and booklets.