Sounds like a fairy tale? Not if you're in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Imagine this: You have access to a car for SEK 62 monthly (9$). You book it online when you need it. It runs on solar power without the slightest emissions. Does it sound futuristic? Well maybe, but it’s also a new kind of car ownership, which has now come to Helsingborg. You don’t even have to own the car. That’s the logic behind the electric car pool. The pool will be open for businesses as well as for individuals.


All you need is a driver’s license and a membership, and you will receive a personal key card with which to open “your” car, then you reserve the car online. The cars can be booked for half an hour up to a weekend or more. In addition to the monthly fee, members pay only for the time they are driving. No kilometer charge or booking fee will be added. The pool includes six Nissan Leaf, and Helsingborg is the first city in Sweden to provide this type of car and service. The cars will be parked at The Tivoli, where a solar panel roof makes three of them self-sufficient in electricity.

Helsingborg isn’t only the first city in Sweden to have solar-powered pool cars available for the public, perhaps the city is first in Europe as well The electric pool cars is a collaboration between Öresundskraft och Move About, and are a part of the electric car project Nordic Electric Avenue, partly financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers, the energy and transport programs.

Read more about Move About (in Swedish!), which was founded in 2007 and started its first electric powered car pool in Oslo in 2008 and in Göteborg in 2009. With over 60 electric powered cars in its fleet, it's the largest company of its kind in the world.

Definitely something for Mayor Bloomberg to consider for New York City! (And, needless to say, 60,000 to begin with... all, preferably imported from Detroit.)