Swedes abroad
Today there are more Swedes living in London than in the town of Falun. The exact number of Swedes in London is 40,000, making England’s capitol Sweden’s biggest foreign city. Bigger than Kalmar, bigger than Skellefteå, and bigger than Falun.

The number of Swedes living abroad has increased with 35% since 2003. In total around 546,000 Swedish citizens live abroad on a permanent basis, though it is difficult to find official statistics (the city proper of Göteborg, Sweden's 2nd largest city, has a population of 516,000) .


“Swedes who move abroad should register their move,” says Kjell Jansson at Svenskar i världen. “When the tsunami hit Thailand it was a catastrophe not to know exactly how many Swedes there were.”

The country most Swedes move to is the U.S. where approximately 100,000 Swedes live, and the preferred city is New York (17,000 Swedes live there).