You need to know the following: Swedes spend an average of 110 hours a year zapping between TV channels, 78 hours are spent reading friends’ Facebook updates, and 33 hours are spent in front of the mirror.

About 256 hours are spent on doing nothing at all. That’s a week and a half a year!


These statistics are from Growth from Knowledge for Rädda Barnen (Save the Children). The organization Save the Children wants us to spend a few of those idle hours on children in need.

“You can help with homework, campaign work or just help get information about children’s right out,” says Anne Kläppe at Rädda Barnen. “Time’s precious but all it takes is an hour.”

Save the Children, Sweden: Rädda Barnen and, here's how easy it is to help: Ge av din tid ("Donate your time" / In Swedish only but it would seem we have the time.